A New Kind of Hedge Fund


The Quantitative Thesis

The State of Decentralized Finance

Structural Assets in TradFi and DeFi, a Comparison

  • Currency (eg. USD, YUAN, EURO)
  • Securities
  • Commodities (eg. gold, oil, grains)
  • Real Estate
  • Cryptocurrencies (eg. ETH, BTC, DOT)
  • Stablecoins (eg. DAI, USDC)
  • AMM LPs (eg. SushiSwap, Thorchain)
  • Interest-bearing Tokens (eg. cTokens, aTokens, yTokens)

The Road to Maturity

  • Development of market infrastructure that is capital efficient according to DeFi’s structural assets,
  • Development of structured financial products that utilize such infrastructure.

Yield Aggregators are Hedge Funds, but are they sustainable?

ForceDAO’s Short-term Goals

An Open Hedge Fund

  • $10K — $50K reward for building a strategy.
  • 10% of all profits go back to the strategist(s).



Alberto Cevallos

  • Role: Technology / Strategy
  • Bio: Alberto is full-time DeFi, building and contributing to different projects including Travala, Badger and now, Force. Previously, he was co-founder and CTO at a Canadian neobank. Alberto has a background in math and economics.

Anna Vladi

  • Role: Operations
  • Bio: Anna brings corporate structure, and operational excellence from her experience working with 30+ Fortune 100 companies. Previously, VP at AIG, MD at Accenture and Director at McKinsey. Life Long Learner.

Noah Marconi

  • Role: Technology
  • Bio: Noah brings 13+ years research and development experience to ForceDAO. He previously lead several blockchain technology teams at companies such as Tag Innovation and Blockable, managing mainnet deployments in the distributed storage, node infrastructure and identity space.

Mercenary Ape

  • Role: R&D
  • Bio: MercenaryApe is an entrepreneur with a decade of experience in designing and building distributed systems. He’s built numerous decentralized networks since 2013, from idea to launch and scale. As a data scientist by training, his passion lies in building data informed yield mechanisms as well as novel governance models.

Brain Jar

  • Role: Product
  • Bio: Brain Jar brings his previous experience managing the lifecycle of different financial products at a traditional hedge fund. Prior to joining our team, he was responsible for operating a large-scale FinTech accelerator, as Head of Product. At ForceDAO, he is the primary driver of product support serving as a liaison between technology, security and project mgmt.

DeFi Dan

  • Role: Community
  • Bio: DeFi Dan has 16 years of experience in retail customer service and sales. After being introduced to Bitcoin 3 years ago and going down the rabbit hole, he has been actively involved in crypto communities learning and networking. As Community Lead for Force DAO, he has a passion to see the team and community working together to see new investment strategies brought to DeFi.




Currently working on FinTech and DeFi.

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Alberto Cevallos

Alberto Cevallos

Currently working on FinTech and DeFi.

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